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Project Oversight

To truly optimize efficiencies, effective independent and external project oversight must be considered as separate and distinct from project management. Careful and specific monitoring of performance is a critical value added service that lies outside day-to-day project delivery demands and seeks to identify exposures that can threaten performance before reactionary and costly steps are required. A well-developed oversight program should be unique to each project and its stakeholders.

Helmes & Co LLC
Helmes & Co LLC

Helmes & Co's focus is to provide insight and forward looking perspective versus an audit perspective. We improve efficiencies for insurance companies, portfolio risk managers, and owner program organizations. Helmes & Co offers effective and non-intrusive project oversight services that:

  • Evaluate proposed or existing project organization, processes, and systems
  • Measure the effectiveness of these existing management systems and oversight programs
  • Investigate weaknesses in program controls and systems, and develop recommendations for improvement
  • Develop and implement control systems focused on user interface and specific requirements unique to the organization

Additionally, Helmes & Co offers a proprietary non-intrusive software tool that has proven very effective in identifying early indications of potential performance exposures on projects valued from $50 million to over $7 billion.

This easy-to-use tool is portal-based and harvests existing project data to provide a risk indicator dashboard to executives and third-party participants. The indicators are rules-based and have been developed by applying past experience, which typically reveals the root causes of project performance issues and disputes.

By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of projects, Helmes & Co helps our clients maximize their return on capital investment.

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