Expert Witness Services

Helmes & Co provides expert witness services for law firms. We have extensive experience supporting counsel in the litigation and arbitration arena related to capital projects. Our litigation/arbitration support services include:

  • Review relevant project documentation
  • Prepare expert reports
  • Provide deposition and trial testimony
Helmes & Co LLC

Our team provides expert witness services with respect to:

  • Developing issue timelines and chronologies

  • Producing expert reports and testimony

  • Developing trial exhibits

We provide expert witness testimony in the areas of delay, productivity losses, standard of care, and damages. Types of testimony include depositions, arbitrations, mini-trials, and litigation both bench and jury. We present findings and opinions clearly and concisely, simplifying the understanding of complex problems.

Helmes & Co fully understands the rules and protocols associated with legal processes and has a keen appreciation of the nuances. We provide unparalleled capital project-related support for law firms across multiple platforms in a variety of applications.