Claims Analysis

Contested issues, claims, and disputes can be extremely harmful to a project or organization's performance, stakeholder relationships, and profitability. Helmes & Co offers claim analysis services that address:

  • Errors and omissions
  • Schedule delay and impact analysis
  • Budget analysis, cost impacts, and overruns
  • Productivity losses and related impacts
  • Project management performance deficiencies
  • Damages associated with design and construction, builder risk, project completion, and performance deficiencies
Helmes & Co LLC
Helmes & Co LLC

Our expertise lies in our development and design and construction experience. We quickly assess and develop appropriate root cause assessments and subsequent analyses of contested issues.

Helmes & Co's analytical services focus on providing accurate and responsible assessments of situations to empower decision makers (owners, designers, contractors, financiers, counsel, and insurers) to make prudent business decisions regarding exposure and resolution options.

We have led and participated in many structured negotiations and mediation efforts, and have played a key role in the resolution of hundreds of matters for our clients thereby avoiding the risks and expense typically associated with going to trial.